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 Welcome to Briggs Fitness. Since you have chosen to visit this site, you are now ready to improve your health and well being. This is all possible by allowing me to take your fitness to the next level. 

    Getting the results you need are very possible at my cutting edge training studio. If you follow my program, coupled with hard work and dedication, you will see results. Start today and feel stronger, leaner and more in control of your life. 


Make sure you visit all the pages on my site, and make sure to check out my facebook page and Instagram account for more pictures and videos. @briggsfitness

Massage Therapy, Monday nights from 4-8pm, Contact me today to sign up!!!

$10 Boot Camp Class Friday nights at 6:00pm
Class is outside with running and body weight exercises
Contact me for more details!!!

Free Work Out:
1. 15 Squat Jacks
2. 20 Mountain climbers
3. 10 Push ups
4. 20 Scissor kicks
5. 30 Second side plank
Body weight circuit / complete 3 rounds / rest 1 minute in between.
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